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Waxx products are developed with the connoisseur in mind. At the start of our product development, the biggest question to be answered every me was, "Would we smoke this?" and the rest was history. We are proud to bring to you our 3 signature lines. Waxx not only celebrates the culture but focuses on catering to the everyday cannabis consumer. Our products are single-sourced and manufactured inhouse. Here at Waxx, we demand the upmost quality when it comes to bringing our cannabis products to the market. As a consumer of our products, we want to welcome you to our FAMILY and emerge you into the Waxx way of Life!

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From Farm to Device

Our Flavorful Premium Concentrates are extracted from strain specific fresh frozen cannabis that carry the freshest natural aromas and taste. The Waxx Way consists of flash freezing and preserving our beautiful buds that we harvest at peak season to ensure we put the "LIVE" in our Live Diamonds and Live Resin signature lines. We then extract our buds at subzero temperatures reaching -90 C. From this process we yield the tastiest terpene rich profiles which provide a long-lasting full spectrum experience packed into our signature Waxx Barz.

  • Strain Specific Live Resin
  • Extracted From Fresh Frozen Flower
  • Preserves Natural Flavors, Aromas, And Essential Terpene Profiles
  • Buds Are Extracted In The Most Live State

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